• Oak Treehopper Nymphs
    Subject:  Unusual cicada?? Geographic location of the bug:  Vienna, Virginia Date: 09/23/2017 Time: 04:39 PM EDT Hello Bugman, My horticulture friend sent me this photo of cicada like insects on a birch tree in September in northern VA, but the wings do not look cicada like and I have never seen “horns” on cicadas. They... Read more »
  • Wolf Spider
    Subject:  Why is this spider pink? Geographic location of the bug:  Loveland, Colorado Date: 09/23/2017 Time: 11:33 PM EDT I cannot find anything about why this wolf spider is pink? I found it today shoveling dirt in my yard. I have several pictures if you’d like more. Thank you! How you want your letter signed:  Angelina Wolf Spider Dear... Read more »
  • Saucy Beauty from Costa Rica
    Subject:  Costa Rica Moth Geographic location of the bug:  Guanacaste Costa Rica Date: 09/23/2017 Time: 06:03 PM EDT Hola, Found this little one with my son sitting on the ground outside one night. Would love if you could identify it for us. Thanks How you want your letter signed:  Brian and Mathias Saucy Beauty Dear Brian and... Read more »
  • Double Crested Longicorn from Brazil
    Subject:  Beetle Attached Photo Location:  Serra dos Órgãos National Park, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Date:  September 21, 2017 Hi there Can you please advise what species is this ? It was seen in the Serra dos Órgãos national park in Rio de Janeiro state Brazil. I was fascinated by the way the antennae were laid across... Read more »
  • Another Male Grass Spider
    Subject:  Spider Geographic location of the bug:  NS, Canada Date: 09/24/2017 Time: 11:52 AM EDT The girls found this spider in the bananas at work. Wasnt sure what kind this was. How you want your letter signed:  Makayla Male Grass Spider Dear Makayla, This is a harmless male Grass Spider in the genus Agelenopsis and it is the... Read more »

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